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Jeff Weaver

The feud between Bernie Sanders and an imaginary Hillary Clinton who called him "unqualified" has gone from insane to fucking insane. There's a lot to catch up on, but here's the good stuff first: Bernie Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver blaming Hillary Clinton for the "rise and expansion of ISIS," I shit you not:

In case you missed it, Hillary Clinton was mildly mean to Bernie about his disaster of an interview with the New York Daily News, but pointedly refused to say he's "not qualified" to be president, so Bernie Sanders naturally accused her of calling him unqualified, then called her an unqualified doodyhead right back.

So this morning, Bernie explained that he was basing his attack on a shitty Washington Post headline, and even though she never said it, he will fight back:

After that, and minutes before Weaver blamed her for ISIS, Hillary Clinton responded to Sanders' completely unprovoked attack by being unbelievably gracious:

  Look, I didn’t — I don’t know why he’s saying that. But I will take Bernie Sanders over Donald Trump or Ted Cruz any time. 

What a monster!

So, right after that, like, immediately after Hillary responded graciously to a completely unprovoked and lie-based attack, CNN was all like "Yeah, this was Hillary's fault, and now she's skeered because she poked the bear!" I'm paraphrasing only slightly:

Despite his stubborn insistence on sticking with this idiocy, I still like and admire Bernie Sanders, and I still think the big problem here is Jeff Weaver, who also made Hillary die laughing by warning her not to "destroy" the Democratic Party with her "ambition" Tuesday night:

Bernie needs to walk some of this back, and I think he needs to fire Jeff Weaver.