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By now you've probably seen it and if you have, it brightened your day. If you've seen it and you happen to live in Florida, well, you probably stood up and cheered. In a clip that went viral almost immediately after it hit the internet, Florida governor, corporate criminal and human-skin-exoskeleton-being-piloted-by-a-tiny-alien Rick Scott is seen strolling casually into a Gainesville Starbucks where a woman, a customer, then proceeds to verbally unload on him. 

She calls him out for the paleoconservative policies of his that have ravaged so many across his state. She calls him out for his opposition to Medicaid and Obamacare that have left many unable to get affordable health insurance. She calls him out for his bill that denied funds for women's health care clinics that provide abortions. She calls him, simply and profoundly, an embarrassment and an asshole. And yes, in the end, she leaves him scurrying pitifully out of the Starbucks -- without the coffee he came in to get. 

The woman in question, the national hero doing the kind of God's work national heroes do, is Cara Jennings -- a former Lake Worth, Florida city commissioner. What makes her angry public tirade so immensely satisfying is that Rick Scott deserves every second of the verbal thrashing she gives him. He deserves more than that, in fact. Because he really has run Florida into the ground and he really is, yes, an asshole who should be ashamed of himself (were Rick Scott capable of feeling shame, which he apparently isn't).

Scott is sincerely one of the most inept and corrupt governors in the contiguous 48, a private sector scumbag who entered office in 2011 being known mostly for a 14-count conviction for running a healthcare company as a criminal enterprise and having to pay back the government the $600-million he bilked from it. He was elected by a mere handful of votes, twice, only because Florida is Florida and despite the fact that the buyer's remorse during his first term was just off the charts. 

In addition to everything Jennings correctly accused him of doing, he's recently been known, along with his equally scandal-prone AG Pam Bondi, for being one of the few outspoken supporters of Donald Trump to actually work in government. If you have a career in politics, even GOP politics, you don't support Trump unless you're one of two things: a raving idiot or a craven sycophant trying to ride coattails tinged with flecks of self-tanner. Scott very likely sits right at the point where those two ideals meet.

The fact that someone like Rick Scott can be a governor within the Republican party only impresses upon clear-thinking people how ethically bankrupt the entire enterprise is at this point. If there were any justice in the universe, Scott would've been run out of Florida on a rail by now. At least now we have the sight of him being run out of a Starbucks. It's not ideal, but it'll have to do.