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Hillary Refuses to Call Bernie "Unqualified" 3 Times, So Bernie Accuses Her of Calling Him Unqualified

Pop some popcorn, folks.
Hillary Clinton

The fallout from Bernie Sanders' disaster of an interview with The New York Daily News is just starting to hit, and on Wednesday morning, Hillary Clinton got her first crack at it. All things considered, she took it pretty easy on him:

I'm sure Hillary's surrogates won't be as kind.

Later in the interview, Hilary made it clear where she sees her advantage in this, taking the initiative to go after Sanders, unprompted, over his support for gun manufacturer's immunity:

This issue has dogged Sanders for a long time, and he's been trying to inch his way out of it. In that NYDN interview, Sanders was asked if he thinks that victims of crimes should be able to sue gun manufacturers, and he replied “No, I don’t.” Later in the interview, though, he was asked if the Sandy Hook lawsuit is “baseless,” and he said “It’s not baseless. I wouldn’t use that word,” but added that “it’s a backdoor way” of achieving the goal of a legislative assault weapons ban.

 Update: As you can see from the video above, Hillary Clinton very pointedly refused to call Bernie Sanders "not qualified" to be president, even when Joe Scarborough pleaded with her three times to do it. Well, tonight, Bernie Sanders said she did call him "quote unquote not qualified to be president," and followed up by claiming he knows she isn't, but what is he:

I'm guessing Bernie didn't see the interview, and Jeff Weaver put this lie in his ear. Here's hoping he corrects it.

Also, here's CNN misreporting that Bernie was responding to Hillary saying Bernie is unqualified when she actually refused to say that three times: