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Rosario Dawson

Rosario Dawson

Le'ts be clear, what Rosario Dawson said at a Bernie Sanders rally this week was a lie, Hillary Clinton is not "under FBI investigation." When Bernie was asked about it Sunday morning, yeah, he was pretty much okay with it:

What he's saying is that surrogates gonna surrogate, but neither he nor Tapper address the fact that this entire narrative has been based on lies, which was even more evident this week. Speaking of Lies, Bernie also told Tapper he's not going to back off of his clearly misleading attacks on Hillary's supposed ownership by Fossil Fuel Interests:

Over on Fox News Sunday, Trump was Trumpin', but Chris Wallace also waded into it when, in the process of trying to get Trump to apologize for Corey Lewandowski's alleged assault on reporter Michelle Fields, he told Trump he believed she had "completely misrepresented"  the incident that surveillance video is entirely consistent with:

John Kasich was at it again, demonstrating what a stealth asshole he is by refusing to take any position on how to enforce the abortion bans he wants, other than to say he definitely doesn't want women punished, but it should be left to the states, who could definitely criminalize women without the protection of Roe v Wade

In fact, without Roe, there's no way even to codify the exceptions Kasich says he wants, but let's be honest, what Trump's remarks have done is to expose the contradictory positions anti-choicers profess for one reason only: they know they can't sell jailing women and not having exceptions. Overturn (not "repeal") Roe, and all bets are off. Kasich was fairly transparent about this "hide the ball" trick, telling Stephanopoulos that he's not going to take a position on punishing doctors, "not today." 

Just ask him after they overturn Roe.

Bernie Sanders turned up on This Week to tell George Stephanopoulos that he agrees that "the unborn" have no constitutional rights:

Sanders also made clear that he has up to two litmus tests for SCOTUS: Citizens United and Roe:

Weird question of the week so far: Chuck Todd asking Hillary Clinton about a bit of footage she used in a new ad:

I don't get it, Chuck. Was she being unfair to Big Racist? Sidenote: Hillary needs to have a talk with whoever lit this interview like she was telling scary stories by a campfire.

Hillary made a couple of interesting statements about abortion, first expressing her support for Roe, which she says allows for "reasonable restrictions" on abortion:

She also told Chuck that there are no constitutional rights for "unborn children,"  which is the quote that Stephanopoulos shopped to Bernie. It seems like Bernie might now actually be to Hillary's left on abortion, since he doesn't seem to allow for "reasonable restrictions":

Hillary also responded to the Greenpeace fossil fuel attack, and pointedly did not back off of her claim that the Sanders campaign is "lying":

The little moment at the beginning of this next clip will be polarizing, but I have never seen a more dismissive chuckle than the one Hillary gives when Chuck Todd is introducing Bernie's attack on her paid speeches:

There are two comical things about this Donald Trump clip, the first being that John Dickerson somehow manages to avoid running off-camera to piss like a racehorse from the ambient soundscape, the second being Trump's look of panic when Dickerson asks him if abortion is murder. Trump tries not to answer, but then settles on not not thinking it isn't murder:

Finally, Dr. Ben Carson washed up on the shores of PoliticsNation, where Rev. Al Sharpton went all A Clockwork Orange on him and made Carson sit through a montage of Trump attacking him. Carson's eventual response was Carson-tastic: