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Hillary Clinton and Greenpeace activist

Things are getting hot out on the campaign trail, especially for Hillary Clinton, who faces a tough race in Wisconsin that's already shifting the media narrative, and faced down some disruptive Bernie Sanders supporters in New York Thursday. I'll let you guys choose the headline, but here's Hillary reacting to Sarandon-esque chants of "She wins, we lose" by noting how many votes she's earned:

That was pretty good, I guess, but wasn't she kind of loud, you guys? Wouldn't it be better if she kept it down, like Bernie does?

Next, there was this confrontation with a Greenpeace activist, which I just loved:

It almost doesn't matter what the subject was, Hillary's inability to even was so visceral, so real, that I wish someone would do this to her every day. Hillary Clinton the actual human is compelling as all hell, even in small doses, like her dog-barking anecdote. 

The subject matter, though, is important, and after I tweeted this clip, I got a whole lot of links fired at me by Bernie Sanders fans, because if she wins, we lose, because fossil fuel. So let's break it down real quick. did their thing with this claim back in November, and there's not much new to add. Hillary hasn't taken money directly from fossil fuel companies because that's illegal, but neither has she taken PAC money from them either. She's gotten about $400,000 from employees of energy companies, which doesn't impress me at all. There's also some Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon stuff where people who bundle from her invest in hedge funds that invest in energy companies, and fossil fuel companies have donated to the Clinton Foundation. Make of that what you will, I am not impressed.

Having said that, this is no more absurd than when the Clinton campaign attacked Bernie for "taking Wall Street money" because he participated in DSCC fundraisers.

The bottom line is that Bernie Sanders' ability to raise money from individual donors and eschew SuperPACs and large donations is truly admirable, and the sums he has racked up are staggering. 

On the other hand, refusing to unilaterally disarm when she's facing hundreds of millions of dollars in outside money and/or free media for Donald Trump does not make Hillary Clinton a monster. It just doesn't. Now feel free to argue about the headline in the comments.