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You Won't Believe Why this Teacher Got Fired Over a Nude Photo

Her students are demanding she be rehired, and you will, too.

A high school teacher in South Carolina was forced to resign over a nude photo of her that was shared on social media, but the circumstances surrounding that photo, and her dismissal, are outrageous. Let's just let Leigh Anne Arthur explain how one of her 16 year-old students had that photo "made available" to him, as school superintendent David Eubanks puts it:

That's right, one of her students took her cellphone off of her desk, rooted through it, found an obviously private photo (although I'm still not clear on what "semi-nude" is supposed to mean), took a picture of it (so he's a tech-illiterate pervert) and shared it on social media. And she got fired!

Her students have started a petition to get her reinstated, and the response has been overwhelming, but it should never have come to that. It's true that Ms. Arthur didn't lock her phone, but it's her phone. Even if she had let the kid use her phone voluntarily, her photos, and this one in particular, are obviously private. That we have to tell a 16 year-old person this is unfortunate, but that a grown schools administrator doesn't know it is outrageous.

We pay so much attention to protecting people's privacy these days, but we really ought to put at least as much energy into teaching others to respect it.