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No Fox News, Hillary Clinton Did Not Create ISIS

Do we really have to do this?
Kimberly Guilfoyle: an idiot

Kimberly Guilfoyle: an idiot

Do we really have to do this? 

Responding to Rudy Guiliani's absurd accusation that Hillary Clinton "created ISIS" on Bill O'Reilly's show earlier this week, Fox News' crack team on the imaginatively named show The Five, weighed in with their thoughtful opinions. 

After playing the clip o Giuliani, Kimberly Guilfoyle told host Dana Perino the following: 

I mean, I could listen to that all day long. He's my kind of man, you know? He's my kind of candidate too, because he's telling the truth. This is a man who is a very accomplished prosecutor and ran the city in an incredibly efficient, organized, crime-free way, unlike de Blasio who needs to go. I think he's right. He makes a persuasive case. Her DNA is all over this, what's happened from the Arab Spring to everything else. So how does she answer to that? And is that someone that you want to be Commander in Chief of the United States? Is that someone that you want to promote to the most important job in the world that has failed miserably as it relates to national security and foreign policy, that has put this country in a worse position than before she even had an inability to be involved in it?

So according to Guilfoyle, Rudolph Giuliani is right because he was a good criminal lawyer and was a huge advocate of racial profiling during his time as Mayor of New York. Just like Sarah Palin's view of Russia from her house qualified her to become Vice President of the United States...

Where to begin with this nonsense? Firstly, if any American is to blame for the rise of ISIS, it is unequivocally George W. Bush, the leader who invaded the wrong country, failed to stabilize it after the war and allowed a giant power vacuum to emerge that was promptly filled by radical Islamists. The Obama administration has had to contend with the fallout from the almighty blood bath caused by Bush's mind blowing hubris, so accusing Clinton of creating it would be like blaming Obama for causing the Wall St crash before he came into office. Oh wait...

Giuliani's assertion that Clinton could be regarded as a "founding member" of the organization that mutilates women and behead children is not only wrong, but grotesquely offensive. While George W. Bush may be responsible for inadvertently helping create them, no one believes he did it intentionally. There is no hand book on how to deal with a rampaging death cult like ISIS, and while Obama and Clinton have no doubt made mistakes in handling the terrorist organization, the implication that Clinton somehow wanted to create them is completely outrageous. 

Then again Giuliani is apparently about to endorse Donald Trump for president, so it's not like his opinion means much.