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The View cast

Caitlyn Jenner is a right pain in the ass for liberals, or at least for this one. On a personal level, you have to feel empathy for the road she had to travel in her transition, but also more than a little annoyance at her betrayal of all those whose shoulders she's standing on.  I'm certainly not the only one who pulled some ocular muscles rolling my eyes at her declaration of support for Ted Cruz and vicious slam of Hillary Clinton. 

Then, Jenner posted a photo on Instagram that indicated a willingness to hear Hillary out, and perhaps reconsider some of her politics:

So, the ladies of The View got to debating whether Jenner's newfound openness is genuine, or just the result of a feared backlash against her television show, when Joy Behar made this observation:

Behar: Transgenders for Cruz is like Jews for Hitler.

Well, not exactly, but there certainly is a quisling element to Jenner's flirtation with Cruz, and conservatism. That movement, and its political party, have been more openly hostile to trans people than any other LGBT group. 

As annoyed as I am by the megaphone being given to Caitlyn Jenner, though, I'm really, really fed up with liberals misgendering her and making transphobic cracks about her anatomy as they heap abuse on her. Caitlyn Jenner is ignorant, and so the question now is, is she learning?

One of the things she needs to learn is that among liberals, and even in the LGBT community, trans people have always had it hardest, and probably always will. When Hillary Clinton got all indignant at Bernie Sanders for calling groups like HRC the "establishment," she neglected to mention that they fought every effort by trans people to be included in their push for employment and hate-crimes legislation.

Of course, that's a pillow fight compared to the hate and marginalization they get from the other side, but how we treat Caitlyn Jenner matters more, because it tells the young or not-so-young trans person how we will treat them when they come out.