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In the hours following Tuesday's deadly terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium, but before everyone figured out it was all Obama's fault for going to a baseball game, Fox News reported on an evil so great, it even overshadowed their favorite Eyes Wide Shut password for the main house "Radical Islam" (the password for admittance is "Benghazi").

Radical Islam only merited nine mentions on Fox' s air Tuesday morning, compared to this much more terrifying scourge that tripped effortlessly off their tongues, one that is "literally killing us":

That's right, apparently "political correctness" is more dangerous even than Radical Islam. It's telling that the conservative desire to take no responsibility for the feelings of others is this strong.

Lest you think I'm just picking on Fox, I checked MSNBC and CNN, too. They talked about political correctness a total of ZERO times Tuesday morning. I guess they were too politically correct to bring it up.