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Donald Trump, the human equivalent of that cum towel you keep forgetting to throw in the wash, performed predictably in yesterday's mini-Super Tuesday races. That is to say, he proved that he's just about unstoppable on the way to the Republican nomination. At this point, the only real hope for the GOP establishment and the party's few remaining pockets of sanity is a brokered convention that would attempt to stop Trump's ascendency and hand his nomination to somebody else. If that were to happen, all promises made with crossed-fingers behind his back aside, you could look for Trump to immediately launch a third-party run and fracture the Republican party maybe irreparably. 

But that would happen after the Republican National Convention in Cleveland descended into riots. How do we know this? Because Trump pretty much just promised it. In an interview this morning with Trump's ongoing arch-nemesis on CNN's New Day, Chris Cuomo, the billionaire asshole "predicted" that if he's a little short on the delegates needed to guarantee his nomination -- and if the GOP elites decided to then give it away to someone else -- his supporters would do what they've been doing at his rallies for months now: express themselves through violence. "I think you'd have riots," Trump said. "I'm representing ... many, many millions of people, in many cases first-time voters," many, many of whom would of course go on a warpath if their god fashioned out of tangerine rinds, stacks of dead skin and corn silk for hair didn't get what was coming to him.

Now, needless to say, Trump wouldn't have anything at all to do with this bloody revolution, just as he hasn't in any way encouraged violence against protesters at his rallies for weeks on end. "I wouldn't lead it, but I think bad things would happen," he warned, the subtext of which seems suspiciously like, "Nice political party you got here. Be ashamed if something happened to it." Given that, as with his rallies, Trump merely suggests the worst possible scenario and his rabid yokel fans take it from there and make it happen, Trump's warning may as well be a threat. Because that's exactly what it is. And the Republican establishment shouldn't be the least bit surprised that the Frankenstein monster they created is now intimidating them with the not-at-all-subtle promise of actual physical violence.  

Trump is going to be the Republican party's undoing. Hell, he already is. As this thing reaches the point where a decision will have to be made whether to nominate a demagogic narcissist or thwart his designs in one last attempt to do the right thing, the result will be the same. Either way, the GOP will be torn asunder. If they nominate Trump, he'll forever be on their heads; they'll go down in history as endorsing America's first strongman dictator. If they upend his rise, half the party will break off into a splinter group. They have no good choice here. Trump has seen to that. And since they created him, they get to be the architects of their own demise either way.