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Chris Matthews Asks John Lewis if Words 'Mean Something Different' to Black People

Honestly, what is he even talking about?

It will surprise no one who frequents these pages that Chris Matthews is a total shitshow, but he manage to outdo even himself during MSNBC's Super Tuesday coverage, first with this super-weird question to Rep. John Lewis:

Congressman, when people in the african-American community are asked 'do you trust Hillary Clinton, do you like her experience?', I wonder if those words mean different things to people in your community. Trust, experience, is it about her civil rights position vis-a-vis things like affirmative action? I'm wondering if there's a different meaning because I'm seeing different results in our testing?  

I kept waiting for the little old lady from Airplane! to show up and reassure Lewis she can also speak white jive. Honestly, what is he even talking about?

Speaking of which, a few hours later, he washed up again and started talking about how much he respects Trump's genocidal nationalism, except for the racial aspect:

Well, all of these candidates have something that I can think about that I would say positively about them. But if I do that, people will think I’m positive about them. It’s more complicated. Every one of them has an attribute that I do respect deeply, and at least consider on the mark. But no one adds up so far. Trump, in his own way, has a sort of romantic quality, a sort of Gatsby quality, the country we took from the Indians, he sort of appeals to the motherland.

Unfortunately it has a racial aspect to it that can’t be put aside very easily. But it’s there. America, he knows how to do it. The bad guys are the Russians, the bad guys are the Chinese, the bad guys are the Mexicans, it’s us against the world. There’s a certain sort of nationalism there we can all understand. But it’s pretty crude.

So, what's the sort of Indian-killing nationalism that isn't crude and doesn't have a racial aspect?