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Bernie Sanders

What I love about Bernie Sanders, part two, begins every time I hear some self-hating mainstream liberal thoughtfully holding a panel discussion on how important it is to have a strong Republican Party, and so shouldn't we all hope they stop shitting themselves. That's the spirit of the question Rachel Maddow asked Hillary Clinton last night, and she got the standard make-nice-so-Republicans-don't-whine-about-comity answer you'd expect.

Then, she asked Bernie Sanders. Withhold your Matrix-style bullet time slow clap until the end:

Yes, Bernie! Let them burn! The description Bernie gives of an ideal two-party system is essentially correct, you need to have some sort of limiting principle on unfettered liberalism and on unfettered laissez faire capitalism, but the Republicans ceased to be useful at all in that regard during the nineties, and were of limited use before then.