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Ted Cruz Fox News Sunday

I know it's hard to keep up with them all, but can't the media call bullshit on the Ted Cruz lies that he tells all the time? This happens to be from Fox News Sunday, but I haven't heard one interviewer call him out on this anywhere, ever:

The FBI, of course, never said we "can't vet these refugees." FBI Director James Comey said he couldn't sign off on every refugee personally: 

Elsewhere, Comey did discuss the limitations of the Syrian refugee vetting process as compared with vetting Iraqi refugees, but when asked point blank if the process was "obsolete," he specifically said it was not:

So, please, Ted Cruz interviewers, make him stop telling this lie, and while you're at it, play him this video of President Obama lecturing Muslims about rooting out radicalism in their communities.

Bernie Sanders flips on the White vote: Here's Jake Tapper asking Bernie Sanders if the white working-class vote is "pivotal" in a general election:

That's not what he was saying a few months ago, but both he and Hillary Clinton seem to have learned a lesson about bragging on the white vote. Here's what Jake was talking about, from 2008:

John Kasich still won't rule out supporting Trump as nominee: plus, bonus World War I reference: