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It should be abundantly clear by now that the Republicans have no interest in keeping their party on life support while the Trump cancer ravages their internal organs. With the convention rapidly approaching on July 18, there still doesn't appear to be a plan for how the RNC intends to deal with the Trump problem. 

As we've reviewed before, if they allow Trump to be the uncontested nominee, they're screwed. If they allow a brokered convention to take place, and Trump isn't the nominee, then the party will likely split, with Trump's supporters bolting. Perhaps for good.

Either way, we shouldn't expect the Republicans to take responsibility for manufacturing a climate favorite to their clownish frontrunner or the violence he's inciting. Along those lines, Reince Priebus appeared on CNN the other day and refused to take responsibility for Trump's dangerous shenanigans. 

Seriously, try not to laugh (or punch your computer) when you read the following Priebus quote:

“Look, we’re not a party that believes in violence,” he told CNN’s New Day. “I think violence begets violence and I think you ought to leave some of the work in the crowd up to professionals.”  

Coming from the head of the party that gave us the Iraq War, the Afghanistan War and the Global War on Terrorism, not to mention the executions of mentally challenged people; abortion bans resulting in back-alley butchery; and total loyalty to the NRA and the for-profit gun industry -- other than that, they're totally not into violence.

So, who did Priebus blame for the violence that's become a feature of Trump's rallies? He definitely didn't blame Trump or the GOP itself. It turns out, Priebus thinks the violence is the fault of cable news.

 “When cable shows are on a constant loop on a couple knuckleheads pushing each other on a 24/7 loop, you create an environment I think that just adds fuel to the fire.”  

Sure, it has nothing to do with the orange-faced knucklehead who's on record repeatedly goading his people to violently attack protesters. It's totally not his fault at all. Right? By the way, are Trump supporters really spending all their time watching CNN and MSNBC? Or are they watching Fox News? If it's the latter, then it's not the "cable shows," it's specifically Fox News. In other words, if Priebus thinks it's all about the cable shows, then he has no choice but to narrow the list of suspects down to one. And it makes perfect sense.

In case you're keeping track at home, the Republicans have blamed cable news, Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama for the violence perpetrated by Trump supporters and encouraged by Trump himself. This from the alleged Party of Personal Responsibility

It's everyone's fault except the brainwashed minion of Trump who are all merely extensions of the brainwashed minion of George W. Bush and Sarah Palin, each of whom cultivated Trump-like anger and resentment among their fanboys. It's everyone's fault except the RNC, under Priebus and before Priebus, who's helped to create the present atmosphere of xenophobic suspicions and incoherent conspiracy-theory-mongering about everything from Benghazi to  Planned Parenthood. Priebus himself controls the GOP message that includes lies about the size of the budget deficit, to lies about job creation, to lies about the Iran deal, to lies about immigration. 

It's really no wonder why Trump's mob is so full of blind wrath. They've been indoctrinated into it for years by the RNC, the congressional Republicans, AM talk radio and Fox News Channel.