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In this week's huge edition of Banter M, our digital magazine for members:

The John Kasich Deception - Bob Cesca uncovers the reality of the Republican's so-called "moderate" candidate, and reveals he is anything but.

Keep Calm And Don't Carry On - Ben Cohen argues that staying calm and opting out of modern society as much as possible is the only way to keep yourself from going completely insane. You are not the problem -- society is.

OJ Simpson Obsessing - The OJ Simpson trial is back in the cultural zeitgeist, and Jamie Frevele is obsessed with it once again. Why? Because while we think he probably did it, we still don't really know -- a theme the new hit show brilliantly exploits.

Dancing Dad Finale - Chez Pazienza concludes his epic visit to Las Vegas for a children's dancing competition that almost ended in arrest and losing custody of his daughter. 

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