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Carly Fiorina

Failed HP CEO, failed presidential candidate, and soon-to-be-failed Ted Cruz surrogate Carly Fiorina told a big fat whopper on Morning Joe Wednesday, which isn't that noteworthy on its own, but since it's a lie she's likely to tell over and over again, it's worth a thorough debunking.

Asked if John Kasich should drop out of the race to clear the decks for Cruz, Carly explained how important it is to stop Trump, and how she's always felt that way:

I said, the week that Donald Trump announced, he does not represent me, he does not represent our party, and I do not think he can be our nominee, and we need to give Ted Cruz now a chance to beat him one on one, which Ted Cruz can.  

Really? As Warner Wolf used to say, "Let's go to the video embed!"

Here's Fiorina on CNN the morning after Trump's announcement:

  I think he’s hitting on issues that Americans care about. Americans clearly believe the economy isn’t growing quickly enough … they’re worried and afraid about what’s going on the in the world, not just ISIS, but other issues as well. They realize China has turned into an adversary. They’re concerned about border security. These are, I think, real issues.  

Swing and a miss! Here's Fiorina that same day, on Hugh Hewitt's show:

   You know, I think Donald Trump is tapping into the frustration of the American people with the professional political class. I also feel that frustration. 80-plus percent of the American people now believe we have a professional political class of both parties who are more focused on the preservation of their own position, title and privilege than doing work and solving problems. I think the question for people will be who has the experience and the temperament to actually go solve those problems.  

That's strike two, Carly. Maybe Abby Huntsman can help you out. Here she is at the end of a softball interview on The Cycle, from June 22:

“Not to be underestimated.”  

There will be many Republicans trying to claim they were against Trump from the very beginning, but there were none. A few of them whined about his "tone," but they all agreed with him on the substance. Here's hoping when they do push this bullshit, someone is there to call them on it.