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Mark Halperin

Calling President Obama a "dick" is one thing, but this time, Mark Halperin has gone too far. On MSNBC's Morning Joe Tuesday morning, the king of derpy conventional wisdom made a stunning declaration about the President and Republican frontrunner Donald Trump:

Halperin: It’s a lot about his supporter supporters, but I think it’s at least 25% about him. He’s one of the two most talented presidential candidates any of us have covered.

Wallace: Who’s the other one?

Halperin: Bill Clinton.

Eugene Robinson: And not Barack Obama? The black guy from Chicago with the name Barack Hussein Obama who got elected twice?

Halperin: Strong third. Look at what Donald Trump does every day to defy… it just is, in terms of pure political skill.

I can't even. This is the ultimate example of "twice as good, half as much," because not only did Obama get elected twice without a dotcom boom or a third-party candidate, he drew more supporters at a single rally than any four Trump rallies, and built the largest, most revolutionary voter database in history. And Donald Trump hasn't won anything.