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Jake Tapper Donald Trump

The violence that has attended Donald Trump's rallies, and which came to a head this weekend, was the major topic on Sunday morning, and amid the standard Trump spinning tangents about how this is all Bernie's fault and his rallies are YUGE, there was one extraordinary moment in his CNN interview with Jake Tapper. 

Most reporters fastidiously hew to the "some say" and "critics allege" and "it's been reported that" construct even in the most ironclad circumstances ("Mr. Water, there are those who claim that you are wet. Your response?"). But the mounting tensions at Trump's rally moved Tapper, who guards his objectivity more jealously than Bart Simpson guards his Butterfinger, to issue a personal plea to Trump:

Tapper: I would just ask as a fellow American if you could consider whether or not dialing down the temperature, trying to bring down the temperature might be a healthier thing both for your campaign and for the nation at large, but that's all the time we have...

Trump: Well, if you would report it right. You should report it right because we have had no injuries at my events with thousands of people. You just don't report it that way so, you know, do what you have to do.

What, you want a cookie? There's a bumper sticker: Trump 2016 - Walk It Off.

Also on SOTU, Bernie Sanders gleefully tore Trump a new one for lying and being a bloodthirsty cock:

"We should take Mr. Trump's words with a grain of salt because I think as almost everyone knows, this man cannot stop lying about anything. To call me a communist is a lie. To talk about our organization or our campaign disrupting his meeting is a lie. Were there some people there -- there were thousands of people as I understand it. Some of them were supporters of mine, but certainly absolutely we had nothing to do -- our campaign had nothing to do with disrupting his meeting. I think what you see, Jake, is a man -- and even his Republican colleagues make this point, his language, his intonations, when he talks about carrying people out on stretchers, when you see at his rallies people sucker punch folks, kick them when they're down, this is a man who keeps implying violence and you end up getting what you see.   

In case you missed it, Hillary Clinton stepped in it by praising Nancy Reagan as some kind of leader on HIV/AIDS, which is crap. She apologized for it, and Bernie gently had a go at her, but basically let it drift:

Marco Rubio told Tapper he thinks someone might get killed because o Donald Trump, but he still says he'll support his nomination. He also absurdly held forth about "civility":

Tapper: Would I be overstating matters if I said you sound like you're actually concerned that, before this is all over, somebody might lose their life?

Rubio: I'm very concerned about that. I'm very concerned -- we don't know what's going to happen next here. I know we have reached the point where people in American politics have decided if they don't agree with you, they can get angry at you, that you're a bad and evil person, that they can say anything they want about you. I think all the gates of civility have been blown apart, and we've reached a point where on both sides everyone is just saying or doing whatever they want and, you know, you can't just say or do whatever you want.

Yeah, but no. This is the guy who just famously got busted by Chris Christie for repeating 5 times that Obama is deliberately trying to destroy our country, so fuck that guy.

I know this is a lot of Rubio, but this clip of his deep, deep denial will be twice as funny Wednesday morning:

RUBIO: Well, first, let me just tell you, on Wednesday morning, some pollsters somewhere are going to have explain why they’re so wrong, not just about Florida but multiple different places. I mean --

STEPHANOPOULOS: Been wrong before, that’s for sure.

RUBIO: -- these polls, and everybody -- what?

STEPHANOPOULOS: We’ve been wrong before, that’s for sure.

RUBIO: They’ve been wrong before. Well, I mean, I’m just telling you, someone’s wrong here because -- and some -- and again these polls do reflect how voters vote because they see them and they wake up and say oh, well, he has no chance. But I can just tell you, they’ve been really wrong and I think in Florida especially, which is a closed primary.