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Florida Senator and fading presidential hopeful Marco Rubio spent part of Saturday morning railing against Donald Trump and the ugliness of his rallies, which culminated in a surprise cancellation Friday night due to widespread protests and clashes with Trump supporters. True to form, though, Rubio couldn’t resist trying to deflect some of the blame onto President Obama.

Asked what the Trump phenomenon means for the future of the Republican Party, Rubio volunteered that it’s not just Trump who is destroying America, but comically conceded that Obama didn't cause the trouble at Trump's rally:

Look, Barack Obama has used divisive language as well. I will admit he hasn't called on people in the crowd to beat people up, but he has divided Americans up among class warfare and things of this nature. I don't think he bears any responsibility for last night.

Wow, Marco, you "admit" that? What a relief to us all.