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Banter M issue 40 is now out!! In this week's edition of our long form digital mag:

Why I Love Donald Trump - "I want America to take the test." writes Tommy Christopher. "I want to know, once and for all, if the things we tell ourselves about our country are true, if people are basically good, if the American people are smarter than that"

War Gods and the Myth of Invincibility - Ben Cohen analyzes MMA superstar Conor McGregor's devastating loss to Nate Diaz last weekend, and argues that McGregor disrespected the War Gods by believing he was invincible -- a cardinal sin for anyone familiar with the brutal realities of the fight game.

No CNN, the KKK is Not a "Leftist Organization" - Bob Cesca demolishes CNN's Jeffrey "Jeff" Lord who has been spreading the myth that liberals are responsible for the KKK, and gives the decrepit Reaganite a much needed civics lesson. 


Members can read the full issue here, and those interested in becoming a member can read more about why it is important to fund independent media here (with links to the membership sign up!). There's a two week free trial as well, so there's nothing to lose whatsoever!