When the rest of the field is this evil, it's easy to be fooled.

It's easy to be charmed by Ohio Governor John Kasich these days, but just because he isn't openly racist, or doesn't lie like a Pinocchio sex toy, or brag about his dick, or never stabbed a guy, and goes around hugging people like that guy from the first season of The Leftovers doesn't mean he's actually a nice guy.

If you don't believe me, just watch Kasich's response to Hillary Clinton calling on child-poisoning Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan, who should really be in jail:

I just want to ask you one simple little question. Of all the people in the world to call on somebody to resign, she -- she is the definition of gall. The definition of gall.  

So, yeah, fuck that guy, and every other Republican who doesn't have the balls to come out against a child-poisoner.