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If you read these pages with any regularity, you'll find a wide range of opinions about the presidential candidacy of Senator Bernie Sanders, Independent of Vermont, including my own assessment that he can't win the presidency. What I don't think you'll find is any writer on this site who doesn't have a deep sense of affection and respect for Bernie, unlike many liberals who feel the need to demonize him in the process of supporting someone else.

For those of you who are rooting for Hillary, and can't find any warmth in your heart for Bernie Sanders, I recommend you spend thirty seconds watching him deliver a knockout punch to the sneering conservatives who can't understand why we won't let go of this whole "health care for everyone" thing. It was at Monday night's Fox News Democratic Town Hall when Bernie again said that health care is a right, and Bret Baier asked him what cockamamie logic he used to arrive at that conclusion:

SANDERS: I happen to believe -- and I know not everybody agrees with me -- I believe that health care is a right of all people. I believe that there's something wrong when we are spending...

BAIER: Excuse me, where does that right come from, in your mind?

SANDERS: Being a human being. Being a human being. And what I believe, Bret -- and you may disagree with me -- I believe that if she is poor and you are rich, she is entitled to the same quality health care you have, because she's a human being. 

Slow clap for Bernie. If he does nothing else but go around repeating that mantra until the convention, his candidacy will have been more than well worth it, because once you reach that conclusion, all the other questions change.