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When Mitt Romney emerged from his cave this week to try and rally Republicans against Donald Trump, I took pains to remind people, as I have for months, that the Republican Party has been every bit as racist and scumbaggy as Trump for decades, and on CNN's State of the Union Sunday morning, Romney helped me prove it. When Gloria Borger asked Romney to square his truckling acceptance of Trump's endorsement in 2012 despite all of Trump's birther racism, Romney tried to change the subject, but Borger wouldn't let him. When pressed, Romney revealed that literally everything about Trump offends him except what he says about black people:

Borger: When he endorsed you, he was kind of the godfather of the Obama birther movement, wasn't he? I mean, wasn't that bad enough?

Romney: Well, no. I think that's a very different thing than calling Mexicans rapists, than saying that Muslims are not going to be allowed into the country as immigrants, than mocking a disabled reporter, going after women and saying oh, she asks tough questions because she was in her menstrual cycle is highly offensive. I said I disagreed with him. There are political views about one another where we're going to disagree, but what he has said during this campaign, that George W. Bush is a liar, that John NcCain isn't a hero. I mean, he said some things that are completely, totally outrageous.

Borger: Well, I think Obama would think it was offensive, that, you know, that Trump was saying he wasn't born here.

  It was a nice try by Borger, but she should have known that scumbag racist birtherism wouldn't bother Romney, because Romney did it himself:  

The Republicans deserve to get schlonged by Trump's immense throbbing racist member, no one more so than Mitt Romney.

Speaking of Trump's schlong, which we've been doing all week, there were a couple of highlights from Saturday night's Trump victory presser, including CNN's Jim Acosta getting jeered for coyly asking Trump about his "manhood": 

Do I hit the ball good? Do I hit it long? Is Trump strong?

Jesus. Please tell me we're still talking about hands. I love the way Acosta tried to class up his question by making it about being "presidential," and fooled no one.

After telling Rubio to drop out of the race, Trump also, to his credit, got in a good zinger at World's Most Verbal Mime Ted Cruz:

He should do well in Maine, because it's very close to Canada, let's face it.

Technically, this isn't a Sunday highlight, either, but the execution here is so good, "Racists for Donald Trump" merits inclusion here:

On Fox News Sunday, Rush Limbaugh stuck a fork in Marco Rubio:

I don't see his future.

So far, the conventional wisdom is that Rubio won't get out before Florida, but with Cruz campaigning hard against him there, he's got to wonder if it's worth risking his entire political career. Losing Florida would be devastating to Rubio's life, but he has cover to bow out now and join forces with Cruz.

Limbaugh kicked off the interview with a gross warning to his Dittohead goons not to troll Wallace for interrupting him, and Wallace responded gratefully:

Thank you, thank you, that's a dispensation from the Pope!

It's a small thing, but can you imagine if, say, Chuck Todd or George Stephanopoulos referred to some liberal figure as "the Pope?" 

Speaking of Chuck Todd, over on Meet the Press, he chewed on Romney like a pork chop over his acceptance of Trump's endorsement, most humorously playing a clip of Romney saying Trump has been more successful at business than Romney has:

Romney has also been all over the place being asked if this is all just a scam to get himself the nomination at the convention, and he keeps saying well, shucks, if you put a gun to my head, okay, fine, I'll do it:

Addiction to getting your balls beat off is a serious issue. Won't you please help? 

My favorite moment of this Sunday so far, though, has got to be Lindsey Graham's reflexive reaction to a question about that 2012 GOP autopsy report, and the idea of attracting minority voters. He literally laughs out loud:

We are in a demographic death spiral. What did we learn in 2012? Hispanics don't like our message on immigration of self-deportation. I don't think they're going to like forced deportation any better.

Guess that's bad news for Ted Cruz, too, then.

What a difference eight years makes. In 2008, Hillary Clinton bragged about winning white votes as a way to contrast then-Senator Obama's more diverse support. 

Now, she's bragging about it in a different way, noting that white voters are along for the ride:

I've gotten more votes than anybody running on either side. I've gotten more votes than Donald Trump, although I'm sure he doesn't want to hear that. And we've gotten it from a wide, broad base. In fact, I've gotten in the Democratic primary election, I've gotten more white voters, except for the state of Vermont, all told I've had more support from white voters. I feel really good about where our campaign is and where it's going.  

Ted Cruz, meanwhile, is so fed up with Donald Trump's penis that he brought it up just so he could push the huge icky thing away from his face:

I don't really have any views on the sizes of any parts of Donald Trump's anatomy, I'm not interested in talking about that.  

Yeah, but nobody asked him about it. It was already there, on the tip of his tongue, as it were.

Finally, I'll wrap up with my least favorite Sunday clip, Bernie Sanders' interview with George Stephanopoulos. It's my least favorite because. like last Sunday, Bernie was pretty much confined to talking horse race, instead of the issues. He talked a little bit about trade, but overall, interviews like this are a poor representation of Bernie's appeal to liberals, even those of us who don't think he should be president. I wish he'd figure out a way to steer these things more effectively.