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Sarah Palin Takes a Shot at Mitt Romney in the Emerging GOP Civil War

Sarah Palin continues to bash the "establishment" that created Sarah Palin...
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It makes perfect sense that Sarah Palin has offered her anti-establishment hot-take on Mitt Romney's devastating remarks about Donald Trump. There are two specific reasons why. 1) It's ironic since Palin owes her entire fortune to establishment Republicans who risked their careers elevating a nincompoop like Palin, and 2) She's responsible for softening the ground for a doofus like Trump.

Let's take a look at Palin's latest Facebook screed, shall we?

Thank You, Mitt. Trump's favorables just rose again...

No, Trump's favorables suck, and have always sucked. Among Republicans, no less. Out of the remaining GOP hopefuls, Trump's net favorables are dead last and dropping precipitously -- and that's against the universally skeevy Ted Cruz, whose squishy punch-me face and creepy baby teeth frighten small children.


Overall, Trump's favorables hover around 36 percent, according to Huff Post's  Pollster average. did the veil you willingly wore while being used by the corrupt political establishment who can't afford to lose their power in liberal D.C.   

Veil? Huh? I have no idea what that means. But, again, the "corrupt political establishment" gave us Sarah Palin.

Your speech was so silly and contradictory it confirmed the reasons Trump received tens of thousands more votes than you did in your own home state that you governed. Silly man. 

Sarah Palin calling Romney "silly and contradictory" may have opened a hole in the space-time continuum, likely sparking the implosion of the known universe. This is the woman who criticized President Obama's use of a teleprompter while she herself read the criticism off a teleprompter. This is the woman who didn't know the role of the vice president -- while running for vice president. This is the woman who helped make it okay for Republicans to be gratuitously silly and contradictory -- and yet just as successful as ever.

Could the establishment really not find anyone credible in their holier-than-thou movement to spew the deception you regurgitated today on tv?

Yeah, and this unnamed "credible" member of the establishment would've totally gotten a pass from Trump surrogate Sarah Palin, right? Nope. Also, name one thing, Palin/Trump supporters, that was deceptive about Romney's remarks. Good luck.

Independent, commonsense conservative patriots: now it's our time to ramp it up, to prove even more adamantly that our movement in this time for choosing is wisely chosen by those who know what's at stake for America. 

"This time for choosing is wisely chosen?" Is she suggesting people are choosing... choosing? Who the fuck is choosing what now? 

The political establishment's desperation is nailing its coffin - obviously a good thing - but we mustn't let the Alinsky tactics used to destroy our We the People movement go unanswered. 

Alinsky! Drink. #WingnutBuzzwordDrinkingGame

I'll bet a thousand dollars Palin doesn't know specifically who Saul Alinsky even was. Or whether he's still living. (He's not.) Double or nothing on whether she thinks Alinsky is an MSNBC host.

His shoulders are broad, but Donald Trump must not carry this on his own shoulders. Thankfully, Mitt's anti-Republican Platform speech just strengthened our own. Americans' shoulders just got bigger and broader. Way to go, Mitt.

If only there was an award for shoulder metaphors. I'm surprised she didn't add, "Way to go, Mitt, with your shoulders that aren't as broad as the shoulders of Trump, he whose shoulders are as broad as We The People's shoulders upon whose shoulders Trump's shoulders. Are."

Yes, the early stages of the GOP Civil War are underway, and it's going to be glorious to watch. Now if only the Democrats could stop thwacking each other with lawn tools, we could observe the GOP's increasingly self-destructive shenanigans with more excitement.