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Guess Who Tried and Failed to Raise Money for Anti-Trump SuperPAC?

This is the political equivalent of Dr. Frankenstein getting caught alone in the prison shower with his creature.

It's rare that the universe arranges a comeuppance this delicious, but when it does, you have to savor it. During a segment about the Donald Trump Klantroversy today, Roland Martin snuck out a hilarious detail about a recent failed effort to raise money for an anti-Trump SuperPAC:

  As I said on ABC This Week , and everybody thought I was crazy, you let evil in your house, and evil is now consuming you. What was funny, Alex Castellanos was sitting right there on the panel, I made the point, disagreed, but the New York Times story came out, he was one of the operatives trying to raise the money from the billionaires to create an anti-Donald Trump PAC.  

If you don't know who Alex Castellanos is, I'm jealous of you, because now you get to find out just how hilarious this really is. Alex Castellanos, who tried to raise money to defeat Trump so his overt racism doesn't destroy the Republican Party, is the mind behind this, the most infamously racist TV ad in political history:

It has always amazed me that Castellanos gets to sit in polite company on TV news panels, and everybody pretends he isn't a toxic stain on our nation, but if there's any justice, Trump will win every primary tonight, and Castellanos will be crying into a pillow all night.