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Welcome to The New Site!

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Exciting times at Banter Central today! As you may have noticed, the new site is live with a more elegant, simplistic design, and a brand new layout created specifically to make the reading experience significantly more enjoyable. Your page should be loading faster, and the text of the article should emerge seamlessly as you scroll down the page with integrated ad units showing up but not interfering with the reading experience.

We’ve been test running the Tempest platform for several weeks and think it is a significant improvement over the last iteration of the site. We’ve been getting huge spikes in traffic over the past few months, and our old set up simply couldn’t handle the volume of daily viewers. Evolving wasn’t just a choice — it was a necessity, particularly given it is election season and we are expecting even larger traffic spikes in the coming months. Running a site without 24/7 tech, ad management and hosting support was literally a non-stop nightmare, so we are incredibly relieved to be partnering with Say Media and their awesome platform.

While the new site looks great, this ultimately means that the Banter team can get on with doing what we do best: writing our asses off.

We also have some other big news we’d like to share with you today: Bob Cesca is back at the Banter, and will be resuming daily posting from today onwards. As many of our loyal readers know, we lost Bob and some other awesome writers last year when we went through an extremely difficult time financially. We clawed our way back from what was, if I’m being honest, a sinking ship, and to be able to get the original team back together is a really huge deal for us. It is onwards and upwards for the Banter, and I am convinced that this year will be the making of us.

I’d like to thank Chez and Tommy for their monumental efforts in keeping us going during these past few months, and to our readers who have financially supported us with their Banter Memberships. You helped us stay alive, and we will be eternally grateful to you all for keeping this little dream of ours going. Truly independent media is not dead. You are reading it now, and you helped make it.

For members, 'Banter M’ our weekly digital magazine will be published on a brand new, elegantly designed site here (and please let us know what you think!).

And finally, stay tuned for the Banter’s all new ‘Meaning of Life Podcast’ that will be launching next week!

Enjoy the new site :)