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Donald Drumpf for President?

Donald Drumpf for President?

If you are looking for the definitive takedown of everything Donald Trump, John Oliver has delivered it in 21 minutes of pure, unadulterated brilliance. 

On his show last night, Oliver took apart every single myth about Trump and exposed it for what it is: utter bullshit. The major theme in Oliver's takedown was his persistent lying about, well, everything. The majority of these lies won't do much to destabilize his astonishing march towards the GOP nomination, but the lies about his wealth, business acumen and personal history might do damage if the rest of the GOP field and the media continues to hammer away at him. 

John Oliver and his team at HBO did more than hammer away at Trump though -- they built a powerful template for attacking Trump that destroys everything he holds sacred and more. Oliver didn't just annihilate the myth of Donald Trump, he destroyed the person. 

Just watch, and make sure you get to the very end. It is pure, pure brilliance: