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Donald Trump Was Asked to Disavow Klan Legend David Duke. How'd That Go?

Appeals don't get much more naked than this, even on Cinemax.

Here are some highlights from this week's Sunday shows.

On CNN Sunday morning, Jake Tapper took a run at getting Donald Trump to disavow his white supremacist supporters, particularly David Duke. Here's how that went:

  Just so you understand, I don't know anything about David Duke, okay?  

I think even David Duke would be compelled to call that "chutzpah."

Update: Apparently, Trump's memory refreshed itself after the show:

Ted Cruz brought his overly-emotive-silent-film-actor-that-you-can-unfortunately-still-hear act to Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, with predictably irritating results. Things got heated, however, when Cruz tried to pull his blame the media routine on Wallace, and Wallace was having none of it. Watch to the end, because Wallace's dismount and Cruz's silent sign-off are strong clues that these two do, indeed, hate each other's faces:

Later in the show, Wallace helped Rubio cut the most effective anti-Rubio ad you're ever likely to see when he asked Rubio why Rep. Cresent Hardy, like Rick Santorum before him, couldn't list any Rubio accomplishments when endorsing him. Rubio's answer? I swear I'' m not making this up:

Rubio: Well, in fairness, they're signing up at the last second. They're inspired by our message. They want to be part of our team. We haven't provided them all the information. I'm more than happy to tell you about my record.

Wallace: Maybe you ought to start doing that.

Rubio: We passed sanctions -- well, we are. We do. But you can't make people read something, these are last minute things.

Wow. So not only are Rubio's  accomplishments such that the people he's "inspiring" need to have a list provided to them, Rubio is saying he can't even accomplish getting them that list, and when he does, he can't inspire them to read it! Stunning. 

I think you may have seen Chris Christie's last appearance as a campaign surrogate, if Donald Trump has any brains at all (that's a YUGE "if," I know). On This Week, George Stephanopoulos noted that Christie disagrees with Trump on Social Security, the Mexican border wall, and banning Muslims, and was compelled to ask him "what exactly are you talking about?"

STEPHANOPOULOS: But to do what? I've just pointed out three of the biggest issues in this campaign, the ones he talks about all the time. You disagree with him on all those issues. So when you say he's going to do what needs to be done, what exactly are you talking about?

CHRISTIE: Well, listen, I'm talking about a whole bunch of things...

...STEPHANOPOULOS: Besides his tax plan, what are you referring to?

 ...CHRISTIE: There -- there has been a lot of things that have been laid out tin this campaign, um, that -- that merit real consideration and real support.

That's a great bumper sticker there: "A Bunch of Things That Merit Real Consideration and Support."

Best of all, though, was Christie's awesome "clarification" on what he means when he says you can trust Donald Trump:

STEPHANOPOULOS: -- finally, you talk about Donald Trump as the person who can be trusted. He still maintains that he saw thousands of people celebrating in New Jersey after the 9/11 attacks. You said that didn't happen, it was not factual. So if he continues to hold that position, isn't that a slander of your state citizens?

CHRISTIE: Now, listen, I don't think he means it as that at all, as a slander of my state's citizens. You, what I think, though, is when I say he's -- can be trusted, this is a guy who, when he makes promises, he keeps them. Um, and I've seen that over the course of a 14 year relationship with him.

Got it, so Trump can be "trusted," but just not to tell the truth. Poor Christie just flunked out of Trump Surrogate University.

Bernie Sanders showed up to talk straight about his defeat in South Carolina:

  We got decimated, George. We got decimated. The only positive thing for us is we won the actually -- the 29 years of age and younger vote. And that was good. But we got killed.  

It's a shame they only gave Bernie 4 minutes, because talking about the horse race is just not Bernie's wheelhouse.