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Former Bush Intel Chief Makes Stunning Admission About 9/11

Because he's one of the every former Bush administration officials who don't know when to shut the f*ck up, ex-CIA and NSA chief Michael Hayden is all over TV these days opining about all the things his boss's administration botched horribly, but he did say something useful on Morning Joe this week.

Hayden: Pre-9/11, the intelligence was good enough, Mike, that we knew something was coming. George Tenet's phrase, "it's blinking red." We all knew that. We did not have sufficient insight to see it was coming here. That's a game of expectations. That was nothing they had done before. We just assumed it was going to be against American interests.

Scarborough: You would disagree with Trump's assessment that 9/11 was George Bush's fault.

Hayden: It wasn't his fault. Even if we had the data to be more specific, which we didn't, what's the politically acceptable mechanism that George Bush does? If he imposes a TSA thing on August 15th, what's the attitude of the American...? What are you...? He actually may have caused more harm.

Hayden is, of course, wrong that we had no idea an attack would occur in the U.S., which we knew was wrong even before the most recent reporting on the numerous hair-on-fire warnings the Bush administration was given. What's stunning about Hayden's admission is that it sounds like something they considered at the time, but rejected based on political considerations. If you look at the warnings they did have, it would make sense to consider tightening airport security, as that's really all you could do without knowing more. In fact, it would be derelict not to consider it.