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Here's Why Jeb Bush Lost in a Nutshell

It was a mild shock Saturday night when, in the midst of a weak 7.8% fourth-place finish in the South Carolina Republican primary, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush announced he was dropping out of the race for president, mainly because many observers thought he'd hang in there until Florida.

But it was only shocking in the way that watching the Titanic finally sink must have been shocking, even though it hit the iceberg a long time before that actually happened. In Jeb's case, that iceberg made it's way into his sad concession speech, which he opened by saying that from the outset "I committed that I would campaign as I would serve,"by which he obviously meant waste a metric shit-ton of money and have nothing to show for it.

Here are a few highlights from the speech, if you can call them that, including Jeb's unwitting reference to the iceberg in question:

"But over the last seven years, our nation's bright light has become little more than a flicker. We have retreated from the world stage. The American values that have brought peace and opportunity are fading."

"Over the last seven years," hmmm, now what was happening seven years ago before Obama ruined everything? Like some specter from an Edgar Allen Poe story, the presidency of George W. Bush followed Jeb around, beating loudly from beneath the floorboards of his campaign. Could a Jeb Coleman, say, with all else being equal, have won this year? Probably not, Jeb was a weak candidate anyway, but no one would have wasted hundreds of millions of dollars funding a Jeb Coleman bid long after it became apparent that, like "fetch," it wasn't going to happen.

But you know what they say, don't you, Jeb?

"Stuff happens."

On Sunday morning's State of the Union, Donald Trump took a shot at Jeb and, accidentally, Ohio Governor John Kasich:

"Do we have any governors left? Let's see, I don't think so."

Marco Rubio says reports of a Romney endorsement are "false":

That means one of two things, and I'll let you guess which is true. Either the reports really are false, or Rubio just lied right to Jake Tapper's face in order to preserve the "surprise." Of course, no candidate would confirm an endorsement so far in advance of receiving it, but you can do that without flat-out lying. 

In responding to Hillary Clinton's "single issue" knock, Bernie Sanders may have confirmed another one. Bernie will be campaigning in South Carolina this week, trying to convince black voters that he cares about a certain set of issues. Let's see where they fit in when he's listing all the other non-"millionaires and billionaires" issues he cares about: