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Hillary Clinton Surrogate Generously Allows That 'Bernie Sanders Isn't an Evil Man'

It's getting weird out there.

As the stakes in the 2016 election get higher, the campaigns get weirder. On Monday, for example, there were a pair of moments during MSNBC's non-stop coverage of the upcoming New Hampshire primary. Weirdest was former Senator and Hillary Clinton backer David Pryor (D-AR), father of Sen. Mark Pryor (D-AR), making the following generous assessment of Bernie Sanders:

"I think Bernie sanders is a fine man. He's certainly not an evil man. I think he has the best interest in this country at heart. However, what he is saying and what he is promising, there's no way to deliver what he's promising he can deliver."

Well, I'm glad we cleared that up. Now, if Bernie Sanders can only get to the print shop fast enough to crank out some "Bernie For New Hampshire: Not an Evil Man" bumper stickers, we might have something here.

What made this really weird, though, was that a bit earlier, Chris Matthews was on the air flapping his gums, and seemed like he, too, was about to invoke the specter of supernatural doom against Hillary when he said her campaign "has no soul," but it turns out he meant the other thing:

"It's totally missing a soul. And if you have a campaign without a soul, you have a real problem, no matter where you're running. That's my latest theory, it doesn't have a soul. That'll hurt with black Americans, African-American, too, just the idea of spirit."

I can't even. Is he saying she needs to hire a senior "jive" adviser? What the hell are any of these people talking about?