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Even Greta Van Susteren isn't Buying Fox News Bullsh*t Over Hillary Clinton's Email Scandal

If it can't hold water on Fox, it ain't ever gonna.

The effort to sell the most recent Hillary Clinton email revelations has been taken up in earnest by the ostensibly "objective" media, who have joined the wingnut media in erasing the distinction between a "top secret" email and an email that was not classified when it was sent, then later classified during an audit.

That effort hit a hilarious snag Monday morning when Fox and Friends tried their damnedest to get Greta Van Susteren to agree that Hillary could be in "legal peril" over the latest revelations, only to be rebuffed at every turn.

Doocy: Legally, and that’s your department, there’s a lot of peril here, isn’t there?

Van Susteren: Look, I’m a former criminal defense attorney and I always worry, I always think about the worst case scenario, but I will say this, if these 22 e-mails that are now called top secret, if, in fact, they were classified afterwards, later, because the intelligence agency asked for it, I think she probably has a strong legal argument.

…Kilmeade: Could she get herself in additional jeopardy by the way she answers questions by Greta Van Susteren or coming on “Fox & Friends”?

Van Susteren: No, not unless she gets on the witness stand and says something inconsistent and she’s shown to have said something inconsistent.

…Doocy: Given the fact that it sounds like she was hacked, not only by Russia and China, and North Korea, and other bad actors, as well, but how would this change in a legal way for her if it is proven that perhaps some American operators, CIA agents, or people like that, actually died because of secrets other governments got from her e-mail device that was wide open?

Van Susteren: All right, well you say “proven.” I mean, I don’t know whether any of that can be proven. but even if it’s proven I don’t see this having legal liability. Obviously there are all sorts of other implications. She was never supposed to have that server in her house. That violates the rules. So, look, you know, at this point one of the biggest problems we have is that we’re all sort of flying blind. we don’t have all the facts. That’s a big problem. This is without a doubt a horrible scandal. A horrible scandal.

Even given the faulty set of Fox News "facts" about the "scandal" (there's actually no evidence Hillary was "hacked," she was just "phished" like every other email account on the internet, and we actually do know that these emails weren't classified when they were sent), Greta's integrity and knowledge of the law would not allow her to say that this will ever amount to a hill of beans, legally speaking. That's the argument that Bernie Sanders is making when he says that this is a "serious issue" that Hillary is being "slapped with," but if it can't hold water on Fox, it ain't ever gonna.