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Trump Organizer Complains About Gender Discrimination, Forgets She Worked For Donald Trump

While sexism in the work place is to be deplored, if you go to work for Donald Trump, you don't get to complain about it.
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Donald Trump Elizabeth Mae Davidson

Former employee of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign Elizabeth Mae Davidson apparently forgot who she was working for, and got the shock of her life when she discovered Trump was, wait for it, sexist.

The New York Times published the story over the weekend detailing testimony from Davidson, who worked for the campaign in Davenport, Iowa. Reported the Times:

Elizabeth Mae Davidson, 26, who was the Trump campaign’s field organizer here in Davenport, Iowa’s third-largest city, said in a discrimination complaint that men doing the same jobs were paid more and were allowed to plan and speak at rallies, while her requests to do so were ignored. She also said that when she and a young female volunteer met Mr. Trump at a rally last summer, he told them, “You guys could do a lot of damage,” referring to their looks.

The complaint was filed on Thursday with the Davenport Civil Rights Commission.

According to Davidson she was fired for making “disparaging comments about senior campaign leaders to third parties” and "breaking a nondisclosure clause in her employment contract." According to the Times report,  Davidson also "denied saying anything disparaging about campaign leaders to the news media."

Predictably, Trump has denied the allegations, telling the Times that “That is not the worst thing that could be said. But I never said it. It’s not in my vocabulary.” And as we know, anything Donald Trump says has to be true by virtue of the Great Leader saying it is so...

Either way, Davidson doesn't deserve much sympathy here given she signed up to work for a man who has made millions exploiting women with his Miss America beauty pageant, remarked that President Obama "schlonged" Hillary Clinton in the 2008 election, and even disparaged her for going to the toilet. Trump has also called breast feeding in public "disgusting", called Rosie O'Donnell "fat and ugly," and labeled Megyn Kelly a "bimbo" because she dared to ask him about his horrendous record of sexism.

Presumably Davidson hasn't been living under a rock for the past year, so she would have been well aware of this yet signed up to work for Trump anyway. Filing a complaint against Trump for sexism would be like filing a complaint against Bernie Sanders for being liberal -- an act only made possible by extreme levels of cognitive dissonance. This is, after all, the same Trump who believes Hillary Clinton isn't qualified to become President because she couldn't "satisfy her husband":

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While sexism in the work place is to be deplored, if you go to work for Donald Trump, you don't get to complain about it.