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In order to speak Palinese -- a language only understood by former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, Stephen Colbert was forced to tase the part of his brain that understands sentence structure on his show last night.

What transpired was four minutes of utter brilliance when Colbert spoke to the nation as Sarah Palin, endorsing every political candidate (including herself and Sebastian the Crab) with the same syntactical atrocities she used to endorse 'her guy' Donald Trump.

Before starting the monologue, Colbert listened to Palin's amazing endorsement speech for inspiration. "Sarah Palin just guaranteed Donald Trump the evangelical vote because I think she was speaking in tongues," said Colbert after a particularly garbled sentence. In reverence to this unique talent, Colbert then blew her a kiss, mouthing "I love you!".

Just. Brilliant.

Watch and enjoy: