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Mike Huckabee's Adele Impression is The Worst Thing You'll See, Probably Ever.

Standby for the creepiest music video ever made....
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Mike Huckabee Adele music video

In response to his complete irrelevance in a contest featuring candidates who make him look like an almond latte sipping vegan, Mike Huckabee's campaign team figured it would rip off popular artist Adele's "Hello", for reasons that are likely never to be understood in this version of reality.

The mashup of clips featuring the podgy 60 year old traveling around Iowa while an unknown voice sings a truly bizarre version of Adele's number one was released today, presumably to give him a bump in the state crucial to his political future. If he remains in the single digits, Huckabee is toast, and he clearly knows it.

But as is always the case with old white men trying to appear cool (anyone remember Karl Rove's rap dance?) the video is just, well, fucking creepy. The lyrics, including a line stating "If Bernie wins, I'm gonna die," are predictably idiotic and corny -- as one would expect from a man who released a book named "God, Guns, Grits and Gravy" -- but more than that, they are straight up weird. Take this little stanza:

Hello, Ankeny / Arctic blasts, subzero chills / Campaigning is a dream / I got frostbite, gangrene / Iowans are not for sale / They're stubborn and picky.


Anyway, if you can stomach it, here's the video. Just make sure you haven't eaten first: