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Ted Cruz: 'I'm a Christian First, I'm an American Second'

Here's some rage fodder for all you theocracy-haters out there.

I'm one of those people who has learned to become chill about theocratic tendencies in politicians because I've realized that America has always been a limited theocracy. It's like herpes, the best we can do is manage it and ride out the outbreaks. For those who aren't so chill, this Ted Cruz clip is sorta like porn and a snuff film in one, but for me, it raises other questions:

“I’m a Christian first, I’m an American second, I’m a conservative third, and I’m a Republican fourth, and that’s part of the problem, is that there are too many people who don’t have that ordering correct.”

I love the fact that he lists four things, probably because "lying douchebag" was fifth, but I have two questions.

First, where is "Canadian" on that list? This is no way to treat your homeland, Ted.

But more importantly, if we are a Christian nation as these guys always say, then why would there ever be a need to order your Christianity ahead of your American-ness? Why does Ted Cruz hate America so much? Jesus is holding George Washington as he weeps in Heaven.