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Jeb Bush Literally Says a Fetus Isn't a Fetus

Sorry, science, you lose again.

Sorry, science, you lose again. According to former Florida Governor and current Republican presidential no-hopeful Jeb Bush, that thing Carly Fiorina swears she saw wriggling on a Planned Parenthood table isn't actually a fetus. That's what he told CNN's Jake Tapper Sunday morning whem asked about his past squishiness on Roe v. Wade:

BUSH: I do not believe that the question of abortion will be solved until there is a broad consensus on the subject. And until that time, it is inappropriate to be advocating constitutional amendments. The right for a woman to have an abortion, no matter what my view is, is going to be there. (END VIDEO CLIP)

TAPPER: Your basic point was that people talking about this in the media were just trying to scare people, that really the right to an abortion wasn't going to be taken away.

But, last week, you told the Associated Press that you would like to see Roe v. Wade overturned. Can you help square the circle?

BUSH: Sure. Well, first of all, there's been a growing consensus about the sanctity of life. As sonogram technology exists where people can see that this isn't a fetus, they can actually see a live, beautiful human being, more and more people are moving toward the life cause.

Man, if only the little buggers could vote!

Beautiful or not, an even "human being" or not, since that's the core philosophical dispute about abortion, it's still a fetus. You can name it, paint a nursery for it, love it, and even buy clothes for it, but it's still a fetus. This isn't a purely philosophical point, either, because the current standard set by Roe is "viability," a goalpost that Republicans have been pushing hard at in the states.