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CNN Reporter Destroys Chris Christie Over Disastrous Approval Ratings

New Jersey Governor and Republican presidential kitten-hanging-from-a-branch motivational poster Chris Christie took a beating on Sunday morning at the hands of CNN's Jake Tapper.

New Jersey Governor and Republican presidential kitten-hanging-from-a-branch motivational poster Chris Christie took a beating on Sunday morning at the hands of CNN's Jake Tapper. On the morning after Christie was shamed into returning to New Jersey during one of the worst snowstorms in history, Christie tried to shame Marco Rubio for making jokes about the storm Christie couldn't be bothered to even learn the death toll from:

TAPPER: Up in New Hampshire, Marco Rubio, with whom you have been exchanging a lot of words, said that -- I guess he was joking -- that the storm would at least freeze the federal agencies from creating regulations. It would freeze Obama's veto pen.

As somebody who is having a hands-on experience with the storm, I wondered what you thought of that.

CHRISTIE: Well, that's a difference between a United States senator who has never been responsible for anything and a governor who is responsible for everything that goes on in your state.

Fourteen people died across the country. And that shows a real immaturity from Senator Rubio to be joking as families were freezing in the cold, losing power, and some of them losing their loved ones. But I don't expect that Senator Rubio would be able to understand that, because he's never had to make a decision of any consequence at all that he's had to be held accountable for.

Voting yes or no in the United States Senate every day, sitting where they tell you to sit, coming when they tell you to come, leaving when they tell you to leave, it sounds like school to me, and not like the kind of job that the presidency is.

So, unfortunately, I'm not surprised that Senator Rubio made those kind of ill-advised comments. That shows his level of preparedness for the presidency, I suspect.

If you're going to use dead people as a bloody shirt to wave at a political opponent, at least know how many of them there are. As of last night, Fox News was reporting at least 20 dead. Not a good look, Guv, nor is flat-out admitting you only came back to avoid criticism.

But Christie really got bloodied by Tapper when he tried to trot out his tired excuse for the low approval ratings he's been garnering in his home state, the theory that we're all just heartbroken that he might leave us to become president. Tapper hit him with a followup that he really had no response for, and he couldn't just tell Tapper to sit down and shut up:

TAPPER: Your approval rating right now among New Jerseyans is at all- time low. Only 31 percent of New Jerseyans support you.

Why should Americans elect you, when the people in your state do not think that you're doing a particularly good job?

CHRISTIE: Well, Jake, listen, that approval rating has gone down once I started to run for president. And it should be no shock.

You know, the fact is that, when you start looking for another job, your current employer gets a little miffed. And that's what has gone on here in New Jersey. But I think they saw yesterday what strong, effective leadership can do for a state in the midst of a crisis.

And that's what we have provided for the last six years. So, my approval ratings have been anywhere from where you're saying right now to a high of 75 percent and every place in between. I don't govern for approval ratings. I govern for results.

And what you see in New Jersey today are results. And that's why the people of the United States should strongly consider supporting me for president of the United States, because, when the chips are down, I deliver.

TAPPER: With all due respect, sir, Governor Kasich has been spending a lot of time in New Hampshire and on the campaign trail as well. His approval rating among Ohioans is 62 percent.

CHRISTIE: Well, he's governed a lot less time than I have, Jake. And so, when you're here a lot longer, that's the result of it.

But the fact of the matter is, I'll tell you this. When I'm the Republican nominee, Hillary Clinton will have to compete in New Jersey to win the state in the general election, because I will do quite well here.

Did you get that, folks? Tapper actually cornered Christie into arguing that he's so much less popular with his home state than Kasich is in his because New Jersey has had to deal with him for so long. Slow clap for Jake.

Update: Here's an exchange that Jake Tapper and I had on Twitter that speaks for itself: