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Ted Cruz is One Sick Bastard


It's a good thing that Donald Trump probably ended Ted Cruz at the debate this week, not with his 9/11 counter-attack but with their extended riff on how Cruz is NOT FROM AMERICA,  because I can't take four minutes of this guy, let alone four years. Fox News Sunday had him on for about a twelve minute interview, which I will spare you most of, but there was one worthwhile exchange.

Chris Wallace just simply dick-slapped him on his "carpet-bombing" rhetoric, which was wonderful to behold, but what really got me was the look on Ted Cruz's face after Wallace played a clip of Cruz threatening to carpet-bomb ISIS into oblivion, presumably along with all the women, children, and innocent civilians in the area, since that's what "carpet bombing means." As they come out of the clip, Cruzz looks like he just jizzed a geyser in his pants, and probably needs a cigarette:

There really is no good choice among the Republicans, but Cruz is more twisted than most. If Trump beats him in Iowa, it will be good riddance.

Here's the whole interview, if you can take it, in which he also derps about the elease of the four hostages, which Republicans used to demand be part of the nuclear deal, but which noew should never have been done:

Wallace also interviewed House Speaker Paul Ryan, who revealed that the Republicans plan to waste the entire year passing bills they know won't become law:

The back-and-forth between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders continued, as Hillary kept hitting Bernie on gun control, but also had this subtly passive/aggressive response to Correct the Record's demand for Sanders' medical records, a demand Hillary's campaign is supposedly disavowing:

STEPHANOPOULOS: Let’s get to the campaign right now. Strange series of events yesterday. The super-PAC coordinating with you put out word that they’d be demanding to release of Bernie Sanders’ health records. Sanders’ campaign struck back, calling that vile. Your campaign disavowed it. It appeared to go away.

So what is relevant here and what’s not? Should age and health be an issue in this campaign?

CLINTON: Oh, look, you know, I put out my medical records and I think you’ve been around long enough to know, George, this is all part of the expectation. But I think it’s fair to say I share a lot of the same goals with Senator Sanders about what we need to do on behalf of our country. But we have differences, and that’s what I’m focusing on now. We’re going to have a spirited debate, I expect, tonight in Charleston. Certainly Senator Sanders has been pointing out differences.

Sanders made quick work of the health records issue, but continued to hold onto a sliver of his dumb position on liability for gun sellers and manufacturers:

STEPHANOPOULOS: On guns, she also welcomed your support now of this gun liability legislation. Called it a flip-flop and said it’s time now for you also to support closing this Charleston loophole. Will you?

SANDERS: Well, first of all, George, as you know, I have a D minus, that’s a D minus, voting record from the NRA. In 1988, I probably lost an election because I was the only candidate who said we should ban assault weapons. What I said months and months ago is that there were things in the liability bill that I liked, things that I didn’t like, wanted to take a look at it, this bill, there’s apparently a bill now that’s going to be introduced to review it, to make changes in it. And I think the bill makes a lot of sense. So what we are -- will do is be supportive of this legislation.

There is an amendment though that I want to see incorporated into it, which is non-controversial, which monitors the impact of small gun show -- of gun shops in rural America.

Bottom line is that I think when a -- when a gun shop sells a gun legally to somebody, and then something bad happens, I don’t think it’s fair to hold that --

STEPHANOPOULOS: But what about closing this --

SANDERS: -- small gun shop --

STEPHANOPOULOS: -- Charleston loophole, the three-day wait and then the person gets the gun after three days no matter what.

SANDERS: Well, that one was a -- you know, we’re going to take a look at that as well. But the issue here is that what my view has always been, and what is most important, is that we have a strong instant background check. I have supported that from day one and I want to see that expanded and put -- look, at the end of the day, what almost every American understands is we have got to keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have those guns. That has been my position from as far back as I can remember.

Hillary and Bernie also faced off on CNN ahead of tonight's debate. Hillary repeated her line about the medical records, and much of the rest of her This Week talking points. Tapper asked her if she plans to see 13 Hours, and Hillary said no, she's too busy campaigning so she can make sure another Benghazi never happens. Right at the end of the interview, Tapper ask her about the "FBI Investigation" into her email server, and Hillary literally shakes her damn head at Jake:

Here's the whole thing:

Tapper also pressed Bernie on health records and guns:

Tapper got Trump to back off a little on his mockery of the disabled, but still claims he didn't know the guy, and wasn't imitating a disability. But he says now he sees how it looks.

Trump also pressed his attack on Cruz's New York remarks, ties to Goldman Sachs, and Canadian birth:

Both Tapper and Stephanopoulos gave Trump double or triple the air time they gave Sanders or Hillary.

With the polls tightening in Iowa, Hillary is suddenly everywhere, including Meet the Press. The bite here will probably be Hillary saying we've "lowered the threat" that Iran represents, which will show up in Republican talking points as "HILLARY LOVES IRAN AND WANTS TO MARRY THEM!"

Chuck also used 13 Days as a way to bring up Benghazi, even though the film has nothing to do with Hillary's involvement:

Here's the whole thing: