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Lewis Black Reminds Us Why New York Is Better Than Texas

Ted Cruz, are you paying attention?
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Senator Ted Cruz of Texas is catching a lot of heat from New Yorkers for his now infamous remark about Donald Trump having "New York values," which to a Texas conservative means Trump might as well have leprosy. The comment was reminiscent of Sarah Palin's preposterous claim about small towns being "the real America," as some conservatives like to denigrate specific parts of the country in this way for political gain. When it's not "New York values" being derided, it's something about "San Francisco values,"or "Chicago-style politics," or "Taxachusetts" and "Massachusetts liberals."

Cruz's jab was reminiscent of the time in 2013 when then-Governor of Texas Rick Perry released an ad touting Texas' status as a haven for businesses. It specifically took aim at New York and all of our regulations, which have apparently has made this place an uninhabitable hellhole.

Thankfully, Perry's ad drew the ire of Lewis Black, whose counterattack on the governor still contains some very valuable lessons for Ted Cruz:

Now that Cruz has publicly denounced our values, I guess this means he won't be coming to New York anymore to beg our gay millionaires for money.

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