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Wait, What? Hillary Clinton is Campaigning Against Single Payer?

The tightening of the early state polls has apparently made Bernie Sanders an idiot on guns, but it also seems to be having a negative effect on Hillary Clinton.

The tightening of the early state polls has apparently made Bernie Sanders an idiot on guns, but it also seems to be having a negative effect on Hillary Clinton. In an interview on Wednesday morning's Good Morning America with ABC News' George Stephanopoulos, Hillary hit Sanders on the gun control issue, but also tore into him over health care, and not just because Sanders wants to "turn it over to the states."

Elsewhere in the interview, Hillary took shots at Bernie Sanders over policy, which is a normal thing to do that Stephanopoulos tried to cast as a reaction to the tightening of the early state polls. However, that dynamic, which has led Sanders to literally stick to his guns on gun control, seems to have had an effect on the way Hillary has approached Bernie on policy. Who would have guessed in 2008, when Barack Obama was running against Hillary's individual mandate, that Hillary would be running against single payer in 2016?

"What Senator Sanders has said, and it's his perfect right to say it, he wants a national health care single payer system."

"Tell the people how much it will cost them. Every analysis shows it's going to cost middle class families and working families. And also explain why, after this historic achievement of President Obama, we've been fighting to get some kind of affordable care since Harry Truman. now he wants to start all over again."

Casting Sanders' position as undermining President Obama is probably good politics for Hillary in this race, but attacking single payer as too expensive, when the analyses to which she refers never take into account the savings derived from not having to buy health insurance, is a wild swing. It's not a desperate one, though. Clinton surrogates have been sounding the same note since the early summer.

Stephanopoulos capped off his interview with Hillary by asking if she has purchased a ticket for the current billion-dollar-plus Powerball jackpot, and what she would do if she won. Hillary's response is probably what you would expect from any average starry-eyed American:

Stephanopoulos: Before we go, you buy a Powerball ticket?

Hillary Clinton: I did.

Stephanopoulos: And if you win?

Hillary Clinton: Well, I'll fund my campaign.

I'm guessing it won't be long before Hillary wishes she could go back in time and, after killing Baby Hitler, warn herself that the correct answers to those questions are "No," and "Give it all to the poors." Nobody likes hearing that a rich person bought a lottery ticket, let alone that they might win. It's like hearing that Chris Christie raided a Unicef pantry.

Elsewhere in awkward morning television news, Joe Scarborough and Jeb Bush had themselves a little moment on Morning Joe. Get a room, guys:

Joe Scarborough: But Jeb, do you own any platform boots that make you taller?

Jeb Bush: I’ve got my cowboy boots on, Big Joe. Rocky Carroll.

Joe Scarborough: do they make you three inches taller or are they normal cowboy boots?

Jeb Bush: I don’t have a height issue.

Eugene Robinson: This is Gene Robinson from the Washington Post.

Jeb Bush: Gene, let me make it clear here, I’m height challenged. My wife tells me there’s an inverse relationship between height and intelligence. So I’m struggling.

Yep, nothing says "manly" like dressing up in cowboy boots and making your pal "Big Joe" giggle like an eight year-old.