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Meet the Brilliant Trolls Who Were Thrown Out of a Trump Rally for Calling Him "Boring"

Turns out the whole thing was a comedy bit -- and one the guys behind it captured on video.
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We're used to seeing Donald Trump throw people out of his rallies who have the temerity to disagree with him and his "vision" for America. Actually, we're used to seeing Donald Trump's hired goons throw people out while the puffy, manicured, 69-year-old Trump -- who likely couldn't throw a bowling ball ten feet -- shouts, "Get 'em outta here!" from the comfort of his podium. Either way, the result is the same, with person after person being ejected from Trump's presence, occasionally with an assist by the frothing crowd of his most fervent white-trash acolytes who throw in a punch or two just to make their point clear.

Two days ago, it happened again, with -- according to reports -- someone being tossed by Trump's private security for heckling their talking orange dust-bunny employer during an appearance in New Hampshire. "This is boring!" the man reportedly shouted while being escorted out. It looked like nothing more than your average Trump rally -- however, now we know that the whole interruption was one giant troll job from a New York City-based guerilla comedy duo called "The Good Liars." And they recorded it all from their end.

The heckling was part of a bit designed to show everyone that for all the incendiary soundbites and intermittent scuffles that dominate the news, really your average Trump rally is nothing more than a lot of tedious rambling from a man who can't shut up about himself and the most mundane things going on in his life. That comedy bit has now been posted to YouTube and it features the members of the Good Liars, Jason Selvig and Davram Stiefler, as Trump super-fans who only find out mid-rally that their idol is basically just, well, really boring.

By the way, in maybe the most exquisite example of irony you're likely to ever see, Trump's overworked Twitter feed last night proclaimed President Obama's State of the Union address, "Really boring... rambling and non-substantive."