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This is the Beginning of the End: Guns to Be Sold on Home Shopping Channel

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the beginning of the end.
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Question: what does a society in the grips of a gun crime epidemic need?

Answer: a new home shopping channel exclusively selling guns!

In about the least helpful development in America's non-existent battle to halt the insane number of gun massacres plaguing the country, a couple from California is starting Gun TV, a channel that the Guardian reports will air nightly, featuring "shooting demonstrations by former law enforcement personnel, former members of the military and sharpshooters with a profile among the fanbase."  The report continues:

Gun TV’s specialty will be exactly that: guns. It will also sell ammunition, accessories such as concealed-carry holsters and clothing, such as hunting jackets.

Like established channels such as QVC and Home Shopping Network, Gun TV will feature personable experts explaining and demonstrating the channel’s wares. If viewers see a weapon at a price they like, they can just click online, or pick up the phone and dial a toll-free number.

In a twist of supreme irony, Valerie Castle and her husband, Doug Bornstein, are the parent company of Gun TV, "The Social Responsibility Network". Because what could be more responsible than selling military grade weapons to a country with over 30,000 gun related deaths a year?

“If you’re just flicking through the TV channels and you come across this, it could put the idea into your head of owning a gun,” says Castle. “They’re going to put guns in enticing settings. It will make them very appealing, and that’s a big concern for us – we believe it will increase demand and generate new customers.”

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the beginning of the end.