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Karma is a B*tch: Columnist Who Compared Refugees to "Cockroaches" Gets TV Show Axed

Karma really is a bitch.
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Daily Mail columnist and TV presented Katie Hopkins is known as the most hated woman in Britain -- and for good reason. The loudmouthed polemicist is Britain's answer to Ann Coulter -- a spiteful bigot who picks on the most vulnerable in society to make headlines for herself.

In response to hundreds of refugees dying when their boat capsized as they tried to cross the Mediterranean earlier, Hopkins wrote a piece for tabloid cesspool  likening them to "cockroaches," "the norovirus," a "plague," and called them "feral humans". Rather than help some of the most desperate human beings on the planet, Hopkins suggested the British government use gunships to send them back home.

"NO, I don’t care," wrote Hopkins. "Show me pictures of coffins, show me bodies floating in water, play violins and show me skinny people looking sad. I still don’t care." Of course this type of astonishing vileness has rewarded Hopkins with a great deal of notoriety and a television show titled "If Katie Hopkins Ruled the World" on TLC, where Hopkins has had an even bigger platform to disseminate her "outspoken" views.

Unfortunately for Hopkins, Britain appears to have moved on from the novelty of her one woman hate act, because after only a few episodes of her little television show, it turns out no one wants to watch it. Via the Independent:

TLC has chosen not to recommission If Katie Hopkins Ruled the World for a second season, after just 69,000 people tuned into the first episode.

The Discovery-owned channel were clearly hoping Hopkins’ polemic The Sun column and sizeable Twitter following would drive interest to the show, which gleefully billed her as ‘Britain’s most hated woman’ and a ‘professional provocateur’.

But the chat show, which saw her chew over divisive issues with a panel and a studio audience, consistently struggled in the ratings and a source told the Guardian that there are no plans for it to return.

A spokesperson for Discovery declined to comment to the paper on the show’s future.

Hopkins shouldn't expect much sympathy for this highly embarrassing turn of events, because, well, she's a mean spirited asshole who has made a career out of kicking people when they are down. And in light of Hopkins' disdain for those who have fallen on hard times, now is a great time to revel her own misfortune -- because of course if anyone understands schadenfreude, it's Katie Hopkins.