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Fox News' Eric Bolling Says Celebrating New Jersey Muslims Were 'Tipped Off' on 9/11

Check, please.

I literally have no words:

"So I remember this day, and I stood on the New York side and I watched the plane fly into the tower. I remember the next day, and I remember the news reports, and I remember specifically the news reports about Jersey City. They said people were on the roofs watching the planes fly in. They were tipped off prior to the thing. And this was, this was the narrative that was going on. I remember video, I don't remember if it was Pakistan or Paterson."

And you though Trump and Giuliani were nuts.

I actually like Eric Bolling more than most Fox News hosts because he's at least willing to engage, but this is crazy talk. I remember that day, too, and if the rumors I heard had actually been true, then we'd be down several more national landmarks (including the Sears Tower and the Hollywood sign), and there wouldn't be a gas station or convenience store open anywhere in New Jersey. People were scared shitless and talking out of their asses. Some of them, it seems, still are.

Speaking of talking out of your ass, an MSNBC panelist Kurt Andersen called Marco Rubio the Republican establishment's "Great white Hope" tonight:

"I don't see how foreign policy differencces between those two is going to have any traction. I really don't. Rubio has this -- he is the great white hope of the establishment, yet he is -- and because of that in part, he has great skepticism on the right."

Update: It looks like I owe Eric Bolling an apology. Video has surfaced of a news report corroborating every detail that Eric Bolling claims he saw in a news report the day after the attacks:

I still maintain that this is crazy talk, but it is not Eric Bolling's crazy talk, it is CBS 2 reporter Pablo Guzman's source's crazy talk. There was a lot of awful reporting in the hours and days following the attacks, and since this report doesn't appear to have panned out in the long run, you can either chalk it up to that insane fog of war, or to a massive cover-up. I choose the latter.

Either way, Trump is still a liar, but Eric Bolling did see what he says he saw.