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Finally, The Bill Cosby Mug Shot We've All Been Waiting For

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And it gets better -- just watch Cosby's unceremonious arrest earlier today:

Hopefully Cosby is made to feel the full brunt of the law in his upcoming trial -- a small price to pay for the horrors he wrought upon the multiple women he raped, assaulted and bullied. While justice can never fully be served to those who destroy lives through sexual abuse, Cosby's decimated legacy goes some of the way in correcting the psychic pain he leaves behind.

It is hard not to take pleasure in Cosby's downfall because he represents the very worst of our society -- a sexual predator with a gargantuan ego, protected by his fame and money, and untouchable. But through his own hubris, he has been brought crashing back to earth and treated like the common criminal he is.