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Let's Talk About Trump's Spokeswoman's Really Interesting Fashion Choice

That's quite a necklace she wore on CNN.
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This is how it's been a good portion of the year: Whatever reactionary hick fan service the other members of the 2016 Republican clown car will only hint at or flirt with, Donald Trump comes right out and shouts from the rooftops. As Matt Taibbi reminds us, while most of the other candidates are still fucking the recently deceased chicken of the Southern Strategy to avoid looking like racist monsters in public, Trump is calling Mexicans rapists and killers, hyping his relationship with "the blacks," and proposing an immigrant relocation program that's just one Wannsee Conference short of sounding like WWII-era Germany.

Trump doesn't do anything subtly, mostly because he's figured out that the bigger and brasher he goes the more his ego is rewarded with breathless encomia from America's angry, dumb white people demographic. So, who knows, maybe his campaign felt like the one place they were really lacking in showing the dumb-shits who show up to Trump's rallies that he's "just like them" -- since they've already got the bigotry and mindless nationalistic aggression down pat -- is when it came to guns. Sure, earlier this month Trump talked about how he, a puffy and manicured 69-year-old plutocrat, would've saved Paris with just the trusty gun he allegedly keeps in an ankle holster, but in an age where Rand Paul literally shoots the tax code as a campaign stunt, Trump knows words aren't enough.

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Maybe that's why earlier today, Trump mouthpiece Katrina Pierson appeared on CNN wearing a silver choker made out of bullets. As in, the thing was literally a string of bullets. She walked into a CNN bureau wearing bullets, which while likely not dangerous -- as you'd have to imagine even a Trump lackey wouldn't be wearing live rounds -- was certainly a show of terrible judgment since journalists have been the subject of gun violence this year. Now keep in mind that Pierson is the same woman who just last week saber-rattled with the U.S.'s nukes, telling Fox News, "What good does it do to have a good nuclear triad if you’re afraid to use it?” -- which is sincerely one of the most batshit things anyone associated with any campaign has said this year, and that's really saying something.

But again, words are just words. What Trump's adoring acolytes really understand are, well, bullets. And once again, he's speaking their language.

Too bad Christmas is over. These things would've been under every tree in Texas, which, incidentally and unsurprisingly, is where the necklace was made.

Oh, Texas. Never change. I mean, you haven't yet -- ever.