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Your Moment of Jeb - The Confederacy Should Be Respected

Actually, this might help him put a dent in Trump's lead.
bush confederate flag

Merry Christmas, everyone! There's a Jeb Bush clip making the rounds that will help you occupy a few minutes of the Christmas Eve news dead zone, but folks like Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs are burying the lede a little, I think. Yes, he did say the incredibly stupid "The problem with the Confederate flag isn't the Confederacy, the problem with the Confederate flag is what it began to represent later," but that's just his way of explaining to white people that the problem wasn't the Confederate flag, it was the fact that whiny black people and race traitors stopped tolerating the racism that it always represented.

When the guy told Jeb he still didn't think the flag was racist, Jeb flat-out said that the problem is the blacks, saying "I'm not sure if you were a civil rights worker in the 1960s trying to fight for equal rights for African Americans that they would necessary agree with you, and that's the point."

That's not what jumped out at me, though:

"There's a way to find the right balance, as you're bringing up, because, look, the Confederacy is a part of our heritage, and it should be respected like other parts."

If Jeb had any shot at the nomination, this would make a great campaign ad for Hillary Clinton. Hell, it would make a good ad for Jeb if he wanted to put a dent in Trump's white supremacist support.

Jeb took heat from voters when he moved the flags as governor, prompting him to tell one voter that the Confederate flag was still going to be displayed "proudly":

“With you removing the flags and especialy my beloved Confederate flag from the display at the Capitol grounds it would be proper to address you in a very diplomatic way,” a man named Jim from Madison wrote on Feb. 12, 2001.

“Sir, I cain't do that, you have no conception of the history of Florida,but then again you are a YANKEE trying to run a Southern State,you just don't get it do you??

“Sir, I voted for you, but NEVER again. I know you will never read my e-mail as you''ll have one of your flunkies respond ,but this is my input and I hope this flag incident will be your down fall.”

Jim was probably shocked to get a response, from Bush himself, just over an hour later.

“Mr. Jenkins, I am reading your email and I don't have flunkies around me. You will be able to see the flags that flew over Florida in the Museum of Florida History proudly displayed.”


Here's the full question and answer, for completeness' sake: