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Unbelievable: Some A-hole Is Sending Cartoon Attacking Ted Cruz's Daughters to Millions

What kind of child-hating scumbag would do that?

That Ted Cruz guy can't catch a break, can he? All he did was release an ad in which he innocently forced his little daughters to recite political attack lines about the very serious issue of four murdered Americans (that's what those hearings were about, right?), which is a totally normal thing to do.

Ah, but then, some horrible lamestream media cartoonist did a cartoon depicting Cruz as an organ grinder, and his daughters as monkeys. I've blacked out that part of the drawing above because, according to Cruz, this was a horrible attack on and mockery of his girls. I initially thought the cartoon was attacking and mocking Cruz for exploiting his daughters, but Cruz set me straight:

"I have to admit yesterday when I saw that cartoon, not much ticks me off, but making fun of my girls, that will do it. It should be true for both Democrats and Republicans, we ought to agree leave our kids alone, let's argue about marginal tax rates, let's argue about policy, but don't be attacking 5 year-olds. That has no place in politics. And I appreciate that The Post pulled it down. It was the right thing to do and I appreciate they did it."

Now, even though the cartoon was clearly not an attack on his daughters, and the point was clearly not to mock them, I agree with Cruz that The Washington Post was right to take the cartoon down because it used a demeaning depiction of the girls to achieve its aim. Heaven forbid those girls saw it, and try explaining to a 5 year-old that she shouldn't be upset about being drawn as a monkey, or about her friends seeing that. Whatever the reason, at least Ted Cruz and I agree that the important thing is the cartoon was taken down, and that tasteless image will no longer be circulating, at least not as widely.

If the cartoonist's drawing pissed Ted off, though, he ought to be hopping mad at the complete asshole who tweeted the actual cartoon to 676,000 people, who in turn shared it almost 3,500 times, creating millions of impressions. Then, this same obvious child-hater fucking emailed the cartoon to millions of people.

That's right, the asshole in question is Ted Cruz, who did all of this after the cartoonist had deleted her tweet, and after the Post had deleted the cartoon and said they hadn't seen the cartoon, and Ted Cruz lied and said "The Washington Post has declared my daughters fair game," which they never ever did. That was the cartoonist's phrase.

Here's the kicker, though. Ted Cruz could easily have spared his daughters' feelings by registering his disapproval without disseminating the demeaning images, but chose instead to include them, for whatever reason.