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So Long, A**hole: Florida Professor Who Harassed Sandy Hook Parents Will Soon Be Out of a Job

Florida International University can't be seen employing a batshit crazy monster who harasses the families of dead children.
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Last week marked three years since the rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School, which left 20 children and six of their adult caretakers dead. If you somehow disagree with this fact -- if you believe there was nothing to remember last week because there was, in fact, no massacre at Sandy Hook three years ago and therefore no victims of it -- then to put it as delicately as possible, you're a fucking lunatic. More than that, if you're someone who's so convinced Sandy Hook never happened that you have no compunction about harassing and tormenting the families of the kids who died there, calling them frauds and insisting the children they buried never existed in the first place, you're both a fucking lunatic and a sociopathic monster.

And that brings us to James Tracy.

Tracy is a communications professor at Florida Atlantic University who's dedicated a good portion of the last few years to mindlessly ranting online about Sandy Hook and how it's all a hoax. I mentioned him last week in a larger piece I wrote on the ongoing antics of the "Sandy Hook truther" movement, which is home to some of our fair nation's most dedicated conspiracy theorist nut-jobs. Tracy insists the Sandy Hook massacre wasn't a massacre at all and was merely a big lie perpetrated by the Obama administration as a pretext for enacting gun control -- the very gun control that, as you know, has made mass shootings a thing of the past in this country -- and he's targeted the families of those killed at Sandy Hook, accusing them of profiting off the phony death of their fake kids.

But one family has fought back. As I mentioned last week, Lenny Pozner, whose son Noah died at Sandy Hook, wrote a powerful op-ed in the Sun Sentinel recently, accusing Tracy of being at the center of “a wave of harassment, intimidation and criminal activity against our family and others.” Tracy's response to Pozner was to call him and his wife "alleged parents" and to accuse them of producing a fake birth and death certificate in order to prove -- prove to people like Tracy, who deserve absolutely nothing since their arguments are baseless -- that their son actually existed and was killed in the Sandy Hook shooting. By both naming James Tracy publicly and drawing him out to respond as they knew he would, what Lenny Pozner did was show the world just who Tracy is, what he believes and how abhorrent his behavior has been. The revelation didn't go unnoticed by Tracy's employer, FAU.

Even though Tracy hadn't exactly kept his lunatic conspiracy theories to himself all these years, FAU couldn't overlook the fact that one of their professors was tormenting the families of dead children. That's why the university has now moved to fire Tracy, despite his tenured status. If the school needed proof that it's making the right move here, Tracy's entirely predictable response to its actions probably sealed the deal. "The attack upon me... is only the latest in an ongoing campaign to conceal the deception known as 'Sandy Hook,'" he said to the Sun Sentinel. He insists his "extensive research" on Sandy Hook scares those who put together the hoax and that's why they're out to silence him, rather than considering that he's just a psychotic crazy person who has no business teaching at a university.

Tracy is calling this a "free speech" issue, which is a whole lot of fucking garbage. Despite his paranoia, the government isn't shutting down his right to speak his mind -- he can continue to embarrass himself all he wants indefinitely -- and FAU isn't moving to fire him because they don't like what he had to say. Granted, again, an argument can be made that anyone who advances insane conspiracies without a shred of proof -- and he has none, just conjecture and coincidence -- shouldn't be allowed to mold the minds of young people. But the real reason FAU is distancing itself from Tracy is that credibility-wise the school can't be seen employing a monster who harasses people grieving for their children. Tracy may believe utter horseshit, but it's the fact that it informs his actions, and those actions are so reprehensible, that's going to put him in the unemployment line.

Bottom line here, though, is good riddance to James Tracy. He deserves every bit of what seems to be coming to him and he has no one to blame but himself for this. Him and people like him can spout nonsense all they'd like, but we have just as much right as a decent society to kick them to the curb for it.